A Nature Photographer’s Night (in Finnish)

Wild- and nature photographer Hannu Huttu

On Tuesday the 2nd of January, wild- and nature photographer Hannu Huttu gives two photo-presentations at the Petola Visitor Centre by title Lots of Moose and other animals of the forests. The nature photographer’s nights begin at 3 pm and 6 pm.

Hannu Huttu has been actively photographing nature since the end of 1980’s mostly in Suomussalmi, but also in Kuhmo and elsewhere in the Kainuu region. His photos have been widely published in many wild- and nature magazines and other publications.

The Nature Photographer’s Nights at the Petola Visitor Centre contain pictures and videos of moose, shot by a copter camera. We will also see photos of wolf cups, bears, marten, arctic fox, capercaillie, bean goose and others. The nature photo presentations present some of Hannu’s work with stories of the moments in the wilds throughout the year. This event will be in Finnish, but the photos do not actually need a language - they speak for themselves.

Take a look at Hannu Huttu’s nature photos in www.hannuhuttu.com.