Tanssin ilta 3.1.2018

Kinetic Orchestra - Animals

Humans have survived through the times thanks to our collective social intelligence and of course our innovative will. We have always been on hunt for easier ways. In a way, our indolence has helped us to cut corners and invent things that help us to be lazy. And must say, I have nothing against it. I love my sofa and fridge. BUT still time to time I feel urge to act unpredictably and explode to moves like animals do. Even when I look my kids I can sense the nature in them when they resolve thigs like climbing on high obstacles and swinging down and to immediate run from toilet seat. And I keep wondering is it still in me. Could I be pack member that don´t feel tired after few minutes’ hunt, would I learn to jump on four legs and is it possible to turn off the sensible human in me? Is it possible to sink so deep on being something else that it would actually be game chancing difference? Can I turn my genetic clock 10000 years back? What happens if I could? Do I really want to even? What if I really can find the beast in me?

Dance: Sanni Giordani, Mikko Makkonen, Jarkko Mandelin, Anni Koskinen and Oskari Turpeinen
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin and ensemble
Music and Sound design: Janne Hast
Light design: Jarkko Mandelin ja Juuso Joutsio
Production: Apinatarha, Kinetic Orchestra
Work supported by: SKR and TAIKE

Kinetic Orchestra is Helsinki based contemporary dance group that is well known for its immersive and acrobatic theme oriented dance works. KO´s philosophy is to create new and interesting movement art and at the same time develop dance by learning other stage arts and sports as well.
Kinetic Orchestras movement oriented style has created also need for educating new dancers for KO´s line of work. For that we have developed weekly workshops where dancers and actors can mix and exercise acrobatic skills, partnering and dance.

Photos Aino Huovio